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Letter from Maggie!

Since 1989, I have built Euro-American Connections & Homecare to be Conecticut's premier, Eastern-European homecare provider.
We hand-pick caregivers who are devoted to serving each client with kindness, courtesy, compassion and the utmost respect for their requirements and dignity. You can trust us to provide you and your loved ones with a level of care, compassion and professionalism that is unmatched in the industry. We look forward to serving you!
Maggie Drag, Founder & Owner

The Euro-American

Eastern-European culture of care

Most of our caregivers are from Poland and other Eastern-European countries, and grew up in multi-generational households, with a deep and rich culture of caring for others. For Euro-American caregivers, caring is not a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Connecticut’s live-in and hourly homecare leader since 1989

We are Connecticut’s first and original provider of primarily Eastern-European caregivers for the elderly and people with disabilities – and today we also the most respected. Don’t be confused by recent “Euro” imitators. Our professionalism and quality of service are unmatched.

Excellent model For delivering exceptional in-home care

Euro-American Homecare, LLC provides complete, agency-managed caregiving services through our trained and supervised employee-caregivers. We handle payroll, tax withholding, insurance and other services.

Comprehensive 10-step screening & evaluation of every caregiver

Not everyone can be a Euro-American caregiver. Each applicant goes through a comprehensive, 10-Step Screening and Evaluation, including: face-to-face interviews, criminal background checks, professional and personal reference checks, and much more. The skills and personalities of our approved caregivers are then matched with your specific needs and desires. That’s how we select the right and best caregiver for you!

An entire team that supports you & your caregiver

Our Care Team and our professional administrative staff are available to ensure you receive an exceptional level of care (including 24/7 emergency coverage). We are committed to keeping both our employee-caregivers and our independent caregivers motivated, growing and content, so they can provide you the high level of service for which we’ve become known.

A business built on trust earned from clients & caregivers

Euro-American Connections & Homecare is built on people who trust us, including thankful clients and their families, loyal caregivers and satisfied professional referral sources. More than 95% of our new clients come to us as referrals. Once people experience our services, they often send their other family members, friends and neighbors to us. Their appreciative letters and notes tell the story better than we can.

Our Team

Maggie Drag
Founder & Owner
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Agnes Bulinski
Placement Consultant
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Dorothy Kolodziej
Human Resources
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Anna Ruscz
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Alina Marcello
Staffing Coordinator
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Yuliya Vasilenko
Special Projects Manager
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Kasia Glebocka
Care Coordinator
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How We Select Only The Best!
We use a comprehensive 10-step screening and evaluation of every caregiver

Step 1 Phone screening of applicants for caregiving experience, work history and proper demeanor.
Step 2 Applicants complete a comprehensive employment application in person, at our office.
Step 3 We meet with the applicant face-to-face to review the completed application, go over each section and, if necessary, clarify their responses.
Step 4 We require recent reference letters, current and previous employer contacts and personal references from all of our applicants.
Step 5 Our Staffing Coordinator interviews the candidate and completes a detailed applicant evaluation form.
Step 6 Members of our Care Team meet with the applicant to determine if the applicant has sufficient compassion and energy for this type of work.
Step 7 Within 48 hours of an applicant interview, we verify their employment history, personal and professional references.
Step 8 We order a detailed criminal background and driving record check on the applicant, both locally and at prior residences.
Step 9 The applicant completes all required state and federal documentation, including tax forms, I-9 immigration and work authorization paperwork.
Final Only if all of our requirements are met the caregiver is approved to be a Euro-American caregiver. A caregiver Profile is then created containing their experience, skills and personal attributes. These Profiles are available to you as you search for the right caregiver.
Find your Caregiver

How Euro-American Caregivers Bring You Value!

Most of our caregivers are certified
and have completed professional
training even prior to coming
to Euro-American.
The average work experience of our caregivers is 8 years.
Our caregivers do not provide medical
help, but they remind and assist
a client with medication.
Euro-American strives to match you
with the perfect caregiver
from the very beginning
to build a stronger bond.
We find a caregiver for you according
to your preferences and personal
needs. Every match is very individual.
Our exceptional caregivers cook for
our clients! There's nothing
like sharing a homemade, nutritious
and fresh dish together.

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Get in touch with our office staff!