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For Caregivers

We care about our caregivers

Each month, Home Care Pulse,  a leading satisfaction research and quality assurance firm, interviews our caregivers to make sure that you receive the best Staff Support, Ongoing Training, and Best Client/Caregiver Match.

Caregiver of the month

Oksana Rozhdestvensk
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How we appreciate our caregivers

Each year, Euro-American Connections & Homecare hosts Caregiver Appreciation Dinner to celebrate achievements of our amazing caregivers who devoted their life to helping others. It's a magical night with delicious food, drinks and dancing!
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6 Reasons

For A Caregiver to ChooseEuro-American Connections & Homecare as an employer
Ability to negotiate your own rates
Agency's high reputation of providing exceptional experience for caregivers
Work for an agency or your client
We don’t limit your work hours!
We treat our caregivers like our own family
Professional Activity Management and Ethical Standards
All available caregiving position you can view on our Job Board, just tab the button below
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Euro-American Homecare?

Since 1989, Caregivers from Eastern Europe and elsewhere have trusted Euro-American Homecare to reliably provide a steady stream of caregiving opportunities and a work experience where they will be respected, treated fairly and not taken advantage of. Euro-American focuses on both caring for clients and helping caregivers. Many of our caregivers have worked with Euro-American for five, ten, or even fifteen years.

2. Who is qualified to become an employee of Euro-American Homecare?

We’re always looking for caring, compassionate, and professional caregivers who truly enjoy caregiving. We set very high standards for home caregivers. Only the most qualified applicants are invited to join our team of professional care providers. Every applicant goes through a rigorous, 10-Step Screening and Evaluation. If you can meet our high standards, you will have the pride of knowing you are joining an organization with the reputation that all of its caregivers meet these rigorous standards!

3. How Euro-American Homecare is different from other agencies?

We believe that caregivers do their best work when they are treated well. That philosophy has generated strong caregiver loyalty toward Euro-American. We treat our caregivers with the same compassion, interest, respect, and dignity that they provide to the people in their care. We remember our caregivers’ birthdays and other special days. We have our Employee of the Month Recognition Program. Every year, our Caregiver Appreciation Dinner is a highlight, with caregivers and staff dancing, eating, and enjoying this time as a wonderful team.

4. What kind of benefits Euro-American Homecare provides for their employees?

Euro-American Homecare as an employer provides benefits such as tax, social security and Medicare withholding, simple IRA, unemployment Insurance, workers compensation, full staff support, steady employment, and training.

5. How to apply to become an employee of Euro-American Homecare?

Register and complete our online application the more information you provide. The highest your chances of getting your perfect position! We want to get to know you! After you submit your application you will be contacted by our Staffing Coordinator.

6. What types of assignments do you offer, and how often do you pay?

We offer hourly long and short shifts, overnights, 24/7 live-in positions. We pay on a weekly basis by direct deposit. Your pay will be automatically deposited in your designated account on Wednesday. The direct deposit for hours worked between Monday through Sunday, will be paid on the following Wednesday.

7. Once I am hired how do I find out about available assignments?

You can check all available positions with qualifications and description on our job board website If you are interested, you may contact the office staff.