Eastern European Caregiver for senior in CTEastern-European Culture of Care

Since immigrating to the USA from Poland, our founder and owner, Maggie Drag, has built her business based on the Eastern-European culture of care that she grew up in. Maggie has attracted caregivers, primarily from Eastern Europe, who embrace this high standard of care.

Caring Is a Lifestyle, Not a Job

Our caregivers don’t have to be taught to care. They don’t see caregiving as a job; for them it’s a lifestyle.

The majority of Euro-American’s caregivers are from Eastern Europe, where they grew up caring for their family members. Most households include three generations (grandparents, parents and children) who care for each other. There’s little need for nursing homes or assisted living communities. Our caregivers bring that culture of care, dignity and family to all of our clients.

Our Founder, Maggie Drag: A Lifetime of Caring For Others

As a child growing up in a small town in Poland, Maggie learned empathy early in life. She was eight when her father passed away. Maggie’s mother single-handedly ran the household and the family farm, and, at the same time, provided substantial care for an elderly neighbor and his 40-year-old daughter, who suffered from terminal kidney disease.

When she was 19 years old, Maggie left Poland for the United States. She spoke no English but was determined to succeed. She worked in a factory at night, attended high school by day, and taught herself English. Later, she used the valuable lessons she learned during her first years in America to help many people from Poland and other Eastern-European countries apply for work, understand government forms, earn driver’s licenses, learn English, receive medical services and work with social service agencies.

Maggie’s reputation for helping people grew. Many women came to Connecticut because Maggie sponsored them. They trusted Maggie to help them adjust to a new world and find employment. People beam when they talk about what Maggie has done in their lives.

“I will always remember your words of wisdom, kindness and understanding. You’re an angel with a big, big heart,” wrote one grateful caregiver.

Treating Clients Like Family

We’re committed to treating every client like family. Many of our Polish and Eastern-European caregivers grew up in that same culture of care, and they naturally embrace it. We often hear our caregivers speak warmly about our clients, saying things like, “She reminds me of my mother, so I treat her like my mother. I cannot care for her any differently than I would care for my own family.”

Companion services by the best caregivers in CTOur client’s sister, Nancy, had this to say about one of our caregivers:

“A year ago my brother got sick and needed full time care. Your agency was referred to me and it was when I met Anna. …Anna has been with Leonard for almost a year. … She is the most caring, compassionate, loving person who in no time became like a member of the family. Anna bathed him every morning, gave him his breakfast, he read his newspaper and was set for the day. He could not have had better care, if given by a nurse. She has an outgoing personality, made him laugh and they had many fun times. … She was reliable, dependable and trustworthy.”

Your Life, Your Home, Your Way

Our elderly clients have a lifetime of memories of delightful times spent at home. Meals enjoyed with family and friends. Evenings looking at the stars. Time among treasured possessions, raising children, pursuing passions.

Simply put, our goal at Euro-American Connections & Homecare is to enable people to continue living safely and comfortably in their own home. Our homecare services allow people to age in place, however they prefer—and at a much lower cost than in assisted living communities and skilled nursing facilities.

Euro-American will even help you and your loved one celebrate a special event or holiday. Can’t assemble the Christmas tree? We’ll do it. Can’t prepare for Passover? We’ll help. Feel like hosting Thanksgiving is too much? Whatever your holiday needs, we’ll be at your side.

As our founder and owner Maggie Drag says, “Our caregivers don’t tell our clients how to live their lives. At Euro-American, we learn how the client wants to live and we provide assistance to make it possible. That way they can live their life, in their home, in their way.